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ICNC Online Course in partnership with Rutgers IIP, Fall 2017

A moderated online course offered by ICNC in partnership with the Rutgers International Institute for Peace, Rutgers University Graduate School. Course dates: Sept. 25th-Nov. 10th, 2017. Read below for more information on this course, course content, and course instructors.

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only
This course was offered in partnership with the Rutgers International Institute for Peace, Rutgers University Graduate School, Fall 2017. For more information on the course content, participants, and to see course evaluations and assessments, please click here. See below for the original course description.

Selected course testimonials:

  • “ICNC offered a great and valuable course about civil resistance. They didn’t skimp on the quantity and quality of the information they offered. It is really a great job they are doing in favor of humanity. They are helping everyday people wake up and fight battles for their own rights and freedoms. It is a beautiful job that deserves all my support and respect.” -Alba Purroy

  • “First of all, I have to thank ICNC for selecting me in this course. It was a great honor and a privilege to participate. I was given a huge opportunity to better understand civil resistance in all its dimensions. This course has invested me with the skills on how to plan a successful campaign, even in a very repressive state. I learned how to be powerful without using weapons or any kind of violence. In simple words, I learned how to resist in different ways and push through to create change” -Mbongo Ali

For more resources on civil resistance, ICNC offers the Academic Online Curriculum (AOC), which is free and available to the public upon registration. The AOC is an extensive and regularly updated set of resources related to civil resistance, with 40 modules and numerous articles, powerpoints, and videos.

ICNC's Resource Library is also free to the public and features civil resistance literature in over 60 languages. 

About This Course

The learning objectives of this course are that participants will be able to: learn about main concepts and ideas of civil resistance, become familiar with various cases of nonviolent campaigns and movements, reflect on the effectiveness of civil resistance and its power to overcome adversarial conditions, share experience and knowledge with other participants and moderators, become a more informed observer of nonviolent conflicts and effective conveyor of civil resistance knowledge.


As part of the online course, participants engage with the assigned material and collaborate through online discussions.

All admitted participants are expected to spend between 7 and 10 hours per week in the online classroom, and a minimum of 1 hour per day (7 days) for the full duration of the course on reviewing materials, posting comments about the readings and assigned videos, and interacting with/responding to other participants’ posts and moderators’ comments.

Meeting these commitment requirements is essential to the learning experience, both for the participants themselves and for the group experience as a whole. Course content released each week builds on past content; therefore learning is interrupted and ineffective when participation is irregular. In addition, we believe that all of our participants have important contributions to make to the learning experience. Lack of participation and irregular or no posting are therefore also a disservice to other participants.

Participation in the e-class is not restricted by time zone. Course content, forums and posts are all accessible to participants at any time of day.


Participants of the ICNC online course, who have met the course requirements and were actively engaged in the course activities, including regular interactions on its forums throughout the course duration, will become eligible to apply for the ICNC 2017 grant-supported opportunities.


Participants may choose to take this online course and receive graduate credits from the Rutgers University Graduate Schools in Newark, New Jersey, that may be transferable to one’s academic institution. Taking the course for credit will involve a fee and additional assignments.

No credits: FREE | One credit: $702 USD | Two credits: $1,404 USD (payable directly to Rutgers University) 

Participants, who were actively engaged in all mandatory course activities, including regular interactions on its forums throughout the course duration, can request a certificate of completion after the end of the course.

Course Staff

Maciej-Bartkowski-Headshot.jpgDr. Maciej Bartkowski

Senior Director for Education & Research, ICNC

Dr. Maciej Bartkowski directs various academic programs for students, faculty, and educators from around the world to support teaching, research, and study on civil resistance. He is also spearheading ICNC efforts to build infrastructure for and expand distance education and online learning. Read more


Azaz Elshami

Manager of Global Field Initiatives, ICNC

Azaz Elshami is the Manager of Global Field Initiatives at ICNC. Her work focuses on activists, organizers and practitioners around the world who are nonviolently struggling for rights, freedom, and justice. Read more


Steve Chase

Manager of Academic Initiatives, ICNC

Steve Chase, a long-time activist, educator, and writer, is ICNC's Manager of Academic Initiatives and a Regular Contributor to ICNC’s Minds of the Movement blog. Read more



Amber-French-Cropped-New.jpgAmber French

Editorial Advisor & Co-Editor of Minds of the Movement

Amber French leads in developing and implementing ICNC’s editorial and media initiatives. In 2016, she oversaw the launch of the Nonviolent Conflict News website, a curated news site on civil resistance around the world. Read more


Julia Constantine

Program Associate, ICNC

Julia Constantine assists ICNC’s President and Manager of Operations and Finance with research, editing, and correspondence. In addition, she plays a key role in supporting a number of ICNC’s programs. Read more


IMG_1485.JPGDaniel Dixon 

Academic Initiatives Program Assistant, ICNC

Daniel Dixon's work includes supporting ICNC’s academic programs by providing technical assistance and moderation for online courses. He joined ICNC in 2017. 


chenoweth-pic_0-269x300.jpgDr. Erica Chenoweth

Professor at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver
ICNC Academic Council

Erica Chenoweth teaches courses on international relations, terrorism, civil war, nonviolent resistance, and contemporary warfare and is the co-author of Why Civil Resistance WorksRead more

Dr. Véronique Dudouet 

Senior Researcher & Program Director, Berghof Foundation
ICNC Academic Council

Dr. Veronique Dudoeut is senior researcher and program director at the Berghof Foundation in Berlin and a member of the ICNC Academic Council. Read more


Dr. Kurt Schock 

Associate Professor of Sociology, Rutgers University

ICNC Academic Council

Dr. Kurt Schock is a professor at Rutgers University and has published numerous works on nonviolent resistance, social movements and political conflict. Read more


Dr. Mary Elizabeth King

Professor of Peace & Conflict, University of Peace

ICNC Academic Council

Dr. Mary King went to work for the U.S. civil rights movement soon after graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University, first in Atlanta and then Mississippi, 1962–65, serving on the staff of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Read more

Dr. Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham

Associate Professor of Government & Politics, University of Maryland
ICNC Academic Council

Dr. Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham is an Associate Professor at the Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland and is affiliated with the Center for International Development and Conflict Management. Read more


Isak Svensson

Professor of Peace & Conflict Research, Uppsala University (Sweden)
ICNC Academic Council

Isav Svensson is a Professor at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, Sweden, and former Director of Research at the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Otago, New Zealand. Read more


Jason_MacLeod-200x300.jpgJason MacLeod

Visiting Scholar, University of Sydney
ICNC Academic Council

Jason MacLeod is an educator, organiser and researcher. He currently teaches civil resistance at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney where he is a visiting scholar. Read more

Course Mode: Credit (paid) OR Certificate (free)

Course Language: English

Course Level: Introductory

Course Type: Moderated by Instructor(s)

Course Audience: General Audience

Course Availability: Closed

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